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2012-05-15 - admin

What's going on with Jerusalem and myself.

Hi to you all.

Writing down some stuff what’s going on with Jerusalem and myself.

I believe we are in a transition as also the whole church is, especially in Sweden, seems to me like the whole church and Sweden over all are standing on the same spot, wanting something new to happen.

Anyways, I’ve asked Anders Mossberg to help out on the bass this summer and Calle Grimmark (Guitar+Keys) as well, Philip played with us the last concerts last year and specially his vocals were a great lift for us all, he will be doing backing vocals and guitar. When we did Plunder hell it was a great lift having his voice backing the chorus so it really makes a great difference having powerful backup vocals… It looks like we will have 3 guitars in Jerusalem this summer, which will make a fat and powerful sound I believe. We will do “Hög Tid” with 3 guitars and backing vocals, it sounded really great when we practiced it the other day.

I truly believe the only way for us today is to stand up boldly for Jesus with a sound that captures and brings people into another way of thinking and start longing for the Kingdom of holiness and fire.

I stopped listen to secular music some years back, just because God showed me that he wants to give us something that is born in heaven and not of this world and we need to stay fresh in our ways of finding inspiration and new sounds read Ps.87:7 ( and Dan.1. Just as Daniel refused to drink and eat of the food the king of Babylon served him.

Yes, the wells of Babylon are lousy and cannot satisfy us whatsoever, you gotta know emotions is NOT the same as anointing. Today we are so confused by this and we think we have to be satisfied with what the world is presenting us, following the trends and signals it is demanding us to follow, we constantly try to fit in, but either God created this thing called music or he did not? We have to make up our mind and go find the heart of HIS sound…I think we must be like Jesus or John the Baptist.. When they walked here on earth speaking the truth, they were free from the curse of wanting to fit in or wanting people to like them all the time. Jesus even preached down (in numbers) his audience… He spoke what was true, not what people liked to hear!

God says; the GLORY belongs to ME and ME alone! In spite of this we keep glorifying these stars, musicians, and singers who are actually bringing the GLORY to themselves instead of giving it to God. It is stealing from God, it’s the same thing! Even if someone does not believe in God they am still taking something from HIM to themselves that belongs to HIM alone, taking the glory to myself is very serious. And many christians are doing the same thing, no wonder we have problems reaching people with the gospel, they don’t want our admiration, they want to know who God is and if he’s REAL!!

We have compromised so much that it disabled us to see, and blinded us from finding the way of God in this.

Anyway, I will write down some more in detail about this later on, it’s time for us to ask God for the way to open up the doors that will give us real opportunities to have an impact on this world we live in.

So, we (Jerusalem) are going to be at Löttorp on the 7th of July and I will also have a message to share there on the 8th. It will be a tight schedule, I’m coming directly from the states on the 6th and will practice with the band that same day and leave early in the morning on the 7th for Öland.

In August we will have an outdoor concert in Attholmen, Alingsås the 4th of August and we will be in Finland at the Humlefestival the 11th of August, looking forward to that, and also possibly we may be at the Eksjö cityfestival at the end of that same month…another fun thing is we’ve been asked to be in Hongkong in December this year for a concert at a football arena there…

I feel very motivated for the concerts this summer and I hope to see you there….Well, Sweden Rock have not responded so we believe it will not take place for Jerusalem this year.

We are plowing a dry and fruitless land, but we will see fruit coming!!

Hope to see you this summer …blessings from heaven to you all…your friend and fellow soldier..

Uffe, the band Jerusalem.

You can also visit…. it’s our church here in Gothenburg, Sweden.