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It all began in 1975 with a fifteen year old transit bus, bought from a surplus stock at the Swedish Telecom. It was a miracle that they even got out of Gothenburg. The water leaked out of the bus very quickly. Sometimes on tours they had to stop in the middle of nowhere and the guys had to wade in swamps to get water for the bus. But that didn’t keep the enthusiasm away. Every second weekend they took all the equipment and went on tour. The mission was to tell young people about God. In clubs, discos, schools.


All our upcoming concerts
Date Venue Location Ticket
2024-02-09 19:00 KRS LIVE, Norway Norway: Elvegata 11a, 4608 Kristiansand available
2024-04-19 20:00 Göteborg Frihamnen, Sweden Sweden: Frihamnen 14, 41770, Göteborg available
2024-04-20 19:30 Kulturhuset, Norway Norway: Haldenveien 123, 1940 Bjørkelangen available
2024-04-26 20:00 Agger Darling, Denmark Denmark: Havnevej 1, Agger 7770 Vestervig available
2024-04-27 CRN Reunion, Germany Germany: 58256 Ennepetal, Venue „Haus Ennepetal“, Gasstr. 10. available
2024-06-01 19:00 CrossRock Festival, Åmål Sweden Sweden: Töres pedersonsgatan 11, Åmål available
2024-07-04 19:30 Gullbrannafestivalen Halmstad, Sweden Sweden: Gullbrannagården 200, 305 96 Eldsberga available


Jerusalem Krigsman, Warrior.

Krigsman (Warrior) live from Sweden Rock Festival June 6th, 2015. The concert got 8/10 in…
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